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October 20th & 21st, November 17th & 18th,

Get the Training and Certificate Required to apply for a NC Conceal Carry Permit


Preparing a HOME / WORK PLACE Invasion Plan !!!!!!!


WHAT TO DO AFTER THE SHOT------------------

HOW to ANSWER your DOOR ++MORE-----------


LESS than LETHAL Alternatives -------(Pepper Spray / Impact Weapons / Stun Guns)


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PRIVATE CLASSES AVAILABLE ALSO -- Your Location -- Your Date & Time

Corporate / Church / Office --4 Hour Safety Classes Available

SUPPORT after the Class at NO Additional Cost ....& RANGE TIME.

Selecting & Locating Firearm / Ammo / Carry Device that fits your needs-ONE on ONE

2 Hours--- One on One Training in Using & Cleaning your Firearm -INCLUDED

All you bring is Pen / Note Paper / Self Addressed Stamped Envelope


High Point Realtors Assoc, (where class is held) Sat.---Class begins at 9AM to 6:30pm

1830 Eastchester Drive ................................... Sun.---Range begins at 2 pm to 4 pm

High Point, NC 27265 ................................(Location of Private Range will be given in class)

336-889-8181 -- Ask for Bonnie


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NRA Certified Pistol Instructor / NC CCH Certified Instructor

US Army / NC Dept. of Wildlife Instructor / Gunsmith

Law changes Including the OCT. 1st 2013 NC CCH Effective Changes

Current New Manuals (Red Book ) NC Justice Academy Course !!

Learn Situational Awareness / Body Language / Pro Active Actions !!!!

Home / Travel / Auto & Work place Preparations.

We Provide; :: Professional Classroom

!!!!!! FIREARM INCLUDED -with SUPPRESSORS -- (No Flash /Bang / Recoil)

!!!!!! ALL AMMO for practice & qualifying Included

Coffee/Drinks and Snacks all Day -- Plus a Lunch Break

Current New Manuals (Red Book ) NC Justice Academy Course

NRA Basic Pistol Safety & Target Skills

Certificate -upon completion

Take Home materials & Personal Protection Info

Safe Gun Handling & Marksmanship Fundamental

Range Fees (Private Range)

Targets (B-27's)

References Available


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Because no one wishes they had fewer rounds during a gunfight...

Dear responsibly armed American,

I was at the range with a buddy yesterday and we started talking about the importance of shooting accuracy…

And he made a lot of good points..................... You see, accuracy is important. Only hits count.

But when it really comes down to it, if you need to shoot a bad guy until the threat stops, you might need to shoot him a lot. And if there's one bad guy, there's probably another one waiting around the corner... Because let's face it, scumbags run in packs… And no one's ever wished they had less rounds in a gunfight. Every second counts...

So, while your training should focus heavily on improving your shooting're also going to want to spend a good amount of time focused on the speed reload.

So my training tip for you today:--------- dry practice your reload... practice Visit & come to Our Class--- WE provide Continuing Practice It's an easy and efficient way to boost your ability to get back in the game when you run out of rounds... And if you remove all live ammo from the room, it's something you can train on right in your own home. Now, let's say that during the course of your gunfight you've run your gun dry… You fired every round and your slide has locked to the rear…

Here's how you'd correct that:

(Remember to remove all live ammo from the room, this is a dry practice!)

Step 1: Get off the X! You should always be looking for and fighting from cover, but it's especially important when you've run out of ammo!

Step 2: (This is the part a lot of people don't think about…) Bring the gun in close up in front of your face, rotating it just a bit. You want to be able to see the gun, but also the bad guy.

Step 3: Reach with your support hand to retrieve your spare magazine. Make sure your index finger is on the front of the magazine…

Pull out the magazine and rotate your hand.

If you've grabbed it correctly, the magazine should be aligned and ready for insertion into your pistol...your index finger on the front of the magazine helps you find the magazine well and prevents fumbling…

Step 4: As you bring in your new magazine up to the pistol, hit the magazine release and drop the empty magazine.

You should always have your fresh magazine in hand BEFORE you drop the empty one…

Step 5: Briskly insert the fresh magazine, reach over the top of the slide, grasp it firmly with all four fingers, yank it to the rear and let go. can get back in the fight.

Remember, slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

Run through these steps slowly at first, then increase your speed.

And please, make sure you're training with the gear you'll be carrying every day…

That's critical.

And one more thing…

What may be even more critical is being prepared for what happens AFTER you pull the trigger...

Visit Our Class for What Happens After the Shot..............